Sermons on 2 Corinthians

Christ Took Your Cross / Substitutionary Atonement

Christ Took Your Cross

The Bible teaches of a Substitutionary Atonement. Barabbas was one curious character in the Bible to receive it. His name means son of a father, and we find that he has many similarities to us all. In an interesting way, Barabbas embodies the person who was replaced as Christ died in his place. In short,…

In Christ: Learning to Live in our New Nature – part 3

As Christians who have been born again, we cannot live in our old nature, for that way is dead. Christians now have a new nature, which is in Christ. We must learn to live in this new nature so that it’s possible for us to give godly grace, forgiveness, love and mercy to others. The butterfly can serve as an illustration for us, as a butterfly has a new nature and can never go back to living in its old nature, as a caterpillar. Everything’s new, including its food source, way of eating, its mobility and its appearance among many other things.

Satan’s Schemes: Unforgiveness – part 1

Bitterness is bondage, but forgiveness is freeing! One of Satan’s schemes that he uses constantly and effectively against all Christians is unforgiveness. Why?! Because it works! Life is too short to stay selfish and to stay stuck in pride! Christian, you must study these spiritual war tactics and strategies that Satan has already been using in your life. Forgiveness is the way of Jesus Christ, but unforgiveness is the way of Satan. Will you choose to follow Satan or Jesus Christ?! Choose the freedom of forgiveness through Jesus Christ and finally break free from the bondage of bitterness and unforgiveness!