Sermons on Genesis

Married Life and Single Life

Married Life and Single Life – part 1 – Overview

In today’s church, Christians seem to know more about divorce than about what God teaches on marriage. Yet, to better understand divorce from God’s perspective, we need to know what God says about marriage. Then, in knowing what God says about married life, a person can then better steer their course in life for single living. For us as Christians, to study our relationship with God, is to study the eternal marriage between Jesus Christ and His Bride, the Church. God’s eternal picture of marriage is: Jesus Christ and the Church inseparable for eternity. God’s earthly picture of marriage is: 1 husband and 1 wife inseparable for life. God’s eternal picture of marriage informs our earthly picture of marriage. This message is a brief overview of this teaching series on what the Bible has to say about married life and single life.

In Christ: Forgiven – part 2

The Old Testament gave us a picture of forgiveness of sins, where your sins were sent away when God forgave you. God only forgave sins through the Sin Offering offered up at The Altar, a picture of our Messiah Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. After Jesus died for our sins and was Resurrected, the New Testament letters instruct Christians to now forgive one another, just as Christ forgave us, for now we have a new nature, which is in Christ!