Sermons on Bearing with one another

In Christ: Forgiving One Another – part 4

As Christians in the church spend more time with one another, we’ll inevitably rub each other the wrong way. At times, this can be due to the healing process that each Christian is going through, and also as each person goes through their own growing pains. Before we were Christians, we would treat each other badly. But now as we follow Christ, we should examine each complaint against another, and utilize it as an opportunity to grow in God’s grace and to forgive, even as Christ forgave us. These choices will either lead us to Christian growth and maturity with healthy relationships, or to backsliding and bitterness as we destroy our relationships with God and each other. We must put off the old ways, and force ourselves to put on Christlikeness!

Bearing with One Another in Love

Paul teaches in his letter to the church at Ephesus that they, as Christians, need to first know important doctrine about Jesus Christ. In chapter 4, we read Paul’s instruction about church life within the body of Christ. Paul teaches us to walk worthy of our calling within our local fellowship and gives us great practical ways on how to do it. He instructs the Christian to bear with one another in love, so that we may endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, and not give in to the devil’s tactic, which is disunity.