Sermons on Ministry

Lessons through Luke

12 Basic Needs in Ministry – part 1

12 Basic Needs in Ministry – part 1 In this Bible study, we begin to look at 12 basic things that are found with Jesus Christ before He began His earthly ministry. As Jesus is our only perfect example to follow, we find that these are also things that every Christian who serves God has…

Fall Back in Love with Jesus

The church in Ephesus was doctrinally sound, patient, and worked hard for the Lord, but Jesus comes on the scene to rebuke the church for something they lacked: staying in love with Him. For the church then and now, Jesus helps us to understand that He’s much more concerned with our relationship and fellowship with Him, rather than the works that come from having a relationship with Him. This rebuke from Jesus allows us to repent and to run back to Jesus, our true and only first love, our Messiah, the One who saved us from the Lake of Fire and gave us eternal life with Him.

Married Life and Single Life

Married Life and Single Life – part 7 – Designing Single Life

In this teaching, we continue to look at some of what the Bible says regarding issues of single Christian living, and how serving the Lord can be great marriage preparation. This teaching covers: Serving the Lord without distractions, Celebrating your singleness and serving as a Christian instead of complaining, Serving can help keep you accountable with sexual temptations, Serving keeps you busy and out of trouble, Serving is the path of a disciple, Serving teaches you faithfulness, Serving teaches you how to love one another, Serving trains Christians for their eternal marriage to Jesus Christ.

Jesus Calls Disciples

If you’re a born again Christian, do you have a desire for discipleship? If so, then Jesus commands you to deny self and take up your cross, so that it will be possible for you to follow Him. In contrast, Satan deceives many people in this world – even well-intending Christians – into the love of self. Christian, which group do you identify with? Denying self, or loving self?

Deliverance from Demons

Demon-possession is a reality, as we learn in God’s Word. But, can a born again Christian get demon-possessed, as some may teach? This Bible story may also help Christians to identify with how Jesus rescues us from Satan’s grip, and sets us free to worship and to serve God with our lives. Listen in to learn more.