Lessons through Luke

12 Basic Needs in Ministry – part 1

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12 Basic Needs in Ministry – part 1

In this Bible study, we begin to look at 12 basic things that are found with Jesus Christ before He began His earthly ministry.

As Jesus is our only perfect example to follow, we find that these are also things that every Christian who serves God has a need for as well. These are basic needs both before beginning to serve, as well as throughout the entire longevity of your service to God. If these basic things are missing in your life, your ministry will fail!

This Bible study also answers the age old questions:
Why did Jesus have to be baptized?
Did Jesus do any earthly ministry before His baptism?
Was Jesus baptized as a baby? Is it Biblical to baptize babies?

Our Authority is God’s Word.
Our Authority is not History. Our Authority is not tradition.
Our Authority is not what denominations do.

Our Authority is God’s Word. Therefore, we must answer these questions with the 1 question: What does the Bible say?

Listen in as we tackle these questions, address basic essentials for serving and more.