Sermons from April 2014

The Resurrection: a Reason to Rejoice!

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is proof that His sacrifice for your sins was accepted by the Heavenly Father. What a wonderful reason for Christians to rejoice! Let’s not let bunnies and bonnets, nor baskets and eggs hijack the focus away from the Person and work of Jesus Christ! The Resurrection of Jesus Christ announces Christ’s victory and proves the devil’s defeat at the cross.

But One Thing is Needed

In the Bible, there’s only one place where Jesus says there is one thing that is needed for Christians to do. This is so important to the Christian, that it becomes life altering, as we recalibrate our goals to do God’s will, thus bringing greater glory to God and growth to the Christian. When we better understand what Jesus teaches in Luke chapter 10, verses 38-42, it will greatly help us to live a better, more fulfilled life in Christ!